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Mathison Family Packer Fans


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Mathison Family Packer Fans


There are nine kids in our family. My dad has passed and my mom will be 90 in April. On our "0" birthdays,(40, 50, 60, 70, 80, etc) the 'birthday' person gets to tell the rest of the family where they will join them to celebrate the occasion. That might mean going to Mississippi, North Dakota, Utah, St. Paul or several places in Wisconsin. This year my brother John turned 50 and, because he lives in Utah, we all thought we'd be traveling out there. We, however forgot how much of a Packer fan he is. About three months before his birthday, an email arrived telling us that we'd all be celebrating his birthday at a Lambeau tailgate party and then attending the Packers-Bears game! He acquired 18 tickets and treated his siblings to the game, Because not everyone is able to attend the game, we had a pre-tailgate party where we prepared all the food, etc. Then we had the tailgate and finally the Packer game. tAnd what a game it was! Our family has a Packer pool and those of us close by often watch the game with Mom in the little town of Winchester. Mom is a nervous fan, and has to go into the kitchen when the game is close. She's put on a few miles between the living room and the kitchen this year! Attached are several pictures of our family. Thanks for this opportunity.


John Mathison's 50th Birthday


November 9, 2014


"Matty" Mathison