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The "Ice bowl ball"

Dublin Core


The "Ice bowl ball"


Jeanette & Chuck Elquist


January 9, 2015


Chuck Elquist

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Sometime back in the 1990's my wife and I were here in Wisconsin to visit friends and family. During our time we visited the Packer Hall of Fame. While strolling through, we stopped at the Ice Bowl display, not sure it was called that but the ball was there.
In a moment 4 burly gentlemen each with large glass moving suction cups came up to the display, removed the glass to perform some maintenance task within the display.
One of the men gave my wife the ball to hold, well I tell you, her eyes popped and jaw dropped as she did. I do not know what she said, we were both flabbergasted.
I got to hold the ball for about 10 seconds and their task was finished. Besides the men doing the work I do not know who held the ball last, I like to think I did, either way what a short but extremely memorable experience.
Needless to say each time the winning Ice Bowl play is replayed we retell the story to anyone close!