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White Cadillac

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White Cadillac


Gary Cummings


1960's and 70's todays-1/9/15


Gary Cummings

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I worked with a man named Karl many years ago. He owned a 1958 2dr white Cadillac. Karl had season tickets back in the day. He would load up his buddies and cruise to home games in Green Bay or Milwaukee. Later, when Karl passed away, I helped to clean out his locker at work. One of the throw away items was a 1964 Adler Brau cardboard score card. Apparently it wasn't a terribly important item at the time because on the back side of poster sized score card was written,"WET PAINT". It is 50 years old this year and I still continue to enjoy seeing it from time to time when I come across it. It reminds me of Karl, the Packers, and the White Cadillac.