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"I was at the Ice Bowl..."


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"I was at the Ice Bowl..."


James Jackson Jr.




Luke Konkol

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There in the Lambeau Field atrium for UWGB Day, we sought “Fanecdotes”—stories of fans and the team they love. We expected plenty of “I shook Donald Driver's hand” and “Lombardi went to the same church as my father,” but I never expected to hear what James Jackson Jr. had to say. James approached our table and said, “I have a story to tell.” We eagerly offered him the chance to share. He began simply: “I was at the ice bowl...”

A six-year-old James, from Waupaca, WI, was at the 1967 NFL Championship Game between the Western Conference champions (our own Green Bay Packers) and the Eastern Conference champs (the Dallas Cowboys) due to the weather later deemed “the Ice Bowl.”

“I remember the cold,” he said, “and the touchdown” (referring the to Bart Starr's high-tension run on third and inches for the ultimate win). James was there with his father, James Sr., and his uncle Ray. “Uncle ray was from Chicago, but he was a Packers' fan.” They had planned to have tickets to the playoffs, and that's just the one they happened to get. A little cold wasn't about to stop their going. James said, “I remember being all bundled up, a jacket, maybe two, and layers and layers of blankets, but I could still see the game. When Bart Starr scored, I stood up... We all stood up... I threw the blankets off of me and we were all screaming.”

This story would have been enough, but it gets better. Today, James works in what he calls his “dream job.” Since that day, he has thought he would work for the Packers, and now he works at Curly's Pub upstairs at Lambeau. “I get to cook up on the fourth floor.” He said, “And the best thing is seeing all the fans on game day. I know just how they feel. Happy! I've been a fan... all these years.”