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60 years of memories

Phil DeGreef

The Packers Painted My House!

In 1984, I broke my back and started my new life as a wheelchair user. During my hospital stay I had a two other interesting developments with these professional football players. When I got injured in the Fall and ended up in the hospital I had been painting our house all summer long. I still had at least half the house to paint. At that time I…

Meeting My Hero


As a UWGB alumni it was not uncommon to see Packers all over town. It ranged from running into Bubba Franks at the bars (it was the night before the game Bubba!), to watching "The Ring 2" alone in a theatre with Ahman Green, to seeing some cocky rookie QB named Rodgers in every bar downtown. Quite frankly, I've never been star-struck, and I don't…

You Can Look It Up

November 16, 1958.

On Sunday, November 16, 1958 the LA Rams invaded City Stadium in Green Bay, Wisconsin. There, Babe Parilli would lead rookies Jim Taylor, Jerry Kramer, Dan Currie, and Ray Nitschke into combat. But that is not our story.

Our story takes place the previous afternoon 50 miles to south under a cold, dark, and low…

"I was at the Ice Bowl..."


There in the Lambeau Field atrium for UWGB Day, we sought “Fanecdotes”—stories of fans and the team they love. We expected plenty of “I shook Donald Driver's hand” and “Lombardi went to the same church as my father,” but I never expected to hear what James Jackson Jr. had to say. James approached our table and said, “I have a story to tell.” We…


The statue of Donald driver at Titletown brewery

Superbowl Birthday Parties

As a child I hated football. It had nothing to do with football or the Packers in general. My problem was with dates. My birthday is on the first of February. This means that more often than not my birthday coincides with the Superbowl. My dad would be preoccupied most the week and weekend of the game and as a child I was jealous. Although the…

Southern Packers Fans


My husband and I are serious Packers fans transported from The Frozen Tundra down to South Georgia. We look forward to Sundays because one: we get to watch the Packers, and two: we always make new friends because there are always Packers fans everywhere you go. I don't know any other NFL teams that have so many fans across the country. It really…

"I Hate Jim Taylor" by Russell Flemming


It was a dark and rainy Sunday night in Pioneer Square. A dead night in Seattle. I was washing dishes for minimum wage at McCormick's & Schmidt's on 2nd Avenue. The year was 1977, and there was only one man sitting at the bar, eating baked salmon. I came out of the kitchen and sat down at the bar and waited to bus his dishes. He looked up and…

UWGB Triplets cheer for the Packers

UWGB Cheerleader triplets.jpg
Menomonee Falls triplets Hannah, Gabrielle and Leah Buege perform during a Green Bay Packers home game. The triplets made the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Packers cheerleading squad for the second year in a row and will cheer at all of the Packers home games