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James Lofton and Andy Reinhart, 2014

This picture accompanies the contribution called "James Lofton and Andy Reinhart, 1981."

James Lofton and Andy Reinhart, 1981

The year was 1981 and I was 11yrs old living in Two Rivers, Wis. My older brother Chuck and his girlfriend Carol were going to Green Bay for the Packer Fan Photo Day and I was thrilled that they were taking me too! We saw Bart Starr, Mike "Mad Dog" Douglas and Rich Campbell. James Lofton was there too with a big crowd around him. I could hardly…

"I was at the Ice Bowl..."

There in the Lambeau Field atrium for UWGB Day, we sought “Fanecdotes”—stories of fans and the team they love. We expected plenty of “I shook Donald Driver's hand” and “Lombardi went to the same church as my father,” but I never expected to hear what James Jackson Jr. had to say. James approached our table and said, “I have a story…


The statue of Donald driver at Titletown brewery

"I Hate Jim Taylor" by Russell Flemming

It was a dark and rainy Sunday night in Pioneer Square. A dead night in Seattle. I was washing dishes for minimum wage at McCormick's & Schmidt's on 2nd Avenue. The year was 1977, and there was only one man sitting at the bar, eating baked salmon. I came out of the kitchen and sat down at the bar and waited to bus his dishes. He looked up and…

UWGB Triplets cheer for the Packers

Menomonee Falls triplets Hannah, Gabrielle and Leah Buege perform during a Green Bay Packers home game. The triplets made the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Packers cheerleading squad for the second year in a row and will cheer at all of the Packers home games

Packer Memory

My earliest Packer memory is of my dad and uncles avidly watching the game on our black and white TV in the era of Vince Lombardi, Bart Starr as quarterback and all of the beloved Packer icons. He would literally come out of his chair to help the running back or wide receiver! My mother tells the story of me crying, because he actually scared me!…

The First Lambeau Leap

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Family Night

My first visit to Lambeau Field was for the family night scrimmage against the Buffalo Bills. I am from Buffalo and grew up a Bills fan--this first visit to the stadium was the perfect fusion of my sporting allegiances. (Except for the guy in the O.J. Simpson Jersey)