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Jersey Superstition


Every Friday in school, I would wear a defensive players jersey. The day of the game, I wouldn't wear a jersey, but I would find another green shirt. If the Packers won, I would, on Monday, wear an offensive players jersey.

Knocking on Wood

To this day, I knock on wood on every third down play, every field goal, and every time they are in the red zone. I think it's working.

Rings of Power


I have learned to never underestimate the power and value of 'things'. Things can hold very special meaning both individually and collectively. For me, a very special item comes in the form of a commemorative Super Bowl ring -- one that is not the kind you might expect. A commonplace, inexpensive plastic Super Bowl ring has graced my fingers for…

Gameday Superstitions

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UW Band at Lambeau

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Packers Metaphor

This is what the Packers do to other teams.

Sports Illustrated Issue

This is my old copy of SI with a picture of Bart Starr on the cover.