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James Lofton and Andy Reinhart, 2014

This picture accompanies the contribution called "James Lofton and Andy Reinhart, 1981."

James Lofton and Andy Reinhart, 1981


The year was 1981 and I was 11yrs old living in Two Rivers, Wis. My older brother Chuck and his girlfriend Carol were going to Green Bay for the Packer Fan Photo Day and I was thrilled that they were taking me too! We saw Bart Starr, Mike "Mad Dog" Douglas and Rich Campbell. James Lofton was there too with a big crowd around him. I could hardly…

Childhood Memory

Debi Holzer

Tribute to Nick Perry

This is a hand cut copper piece made as a tribute to Nick Perry

It’s Just a Game But It’s More Than a Game

Green Bay Packer fans are still reeling from a heart wrenchingly disappointing NFC Championship loss. Some fans will probably need the buzz of the SuperBowl to subside before they can think of something else. Some probably woke up Monday morning after the loss and moved on easily. Whereas some cope by evoking the ‘there is always next year’…

Mathison Family Packer Fans

There are nine kids in our family. My dad has passed and my mom will be 90 in April. On our "0" birthdays,(40, 50, 60, 70, 80, etc) the 'birthday' person gets to tell the rest of the family where they will join them to celebrate the occasion. That might mean going to Mississippi, North Dakota, Utah, St. Paul or several places in Wisconsin. This…

Honeymoon, Anniversaries and Ties

My husband and I were born and raised to be Packer fans. When we were married, on 11/25/1978, we couldn't afford a honeymoon, but we could afford two tickets to see the Packers play the Vikings at Lambeau the following day. The result of our "honeymoon" was a 10-10 tie. Twenty-five years later, in November, 2003, we celebrated our anniversary in…

The "Ice bowl ball"

Sometime back in the 1990's my wife and I were here in Wisconsin to visit friends and family. During our time we visited the Packer Hall of Fame. While strolling through, we stopped at the Ice Bowl display, not sure it was called that but the ball was there.
In a moment 4 burly gentlemen each with large glass moving suction cups came up to the…

One of Jim Steppke ' s Greatest Memories

He shared the story many times with excitement.

White Cadillac

I worked with a man named Karl many years ago. He owned a 1958 2dr white Cadillac. Karl had season tickets back in the day. He would load up his buddies and cruise to home games in Green Bay or Milwaukee. Later, when Karl passed away, I helped to clean out his locker at work. One of the throw away items was a 1964 Adler Brau cardboard score card.…