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Packers Fan Exhibit

You are being asked to

Your participation in this project will allow the public, as well as future students and historians, to gain a greater understanding of these events and the response to them. You must be 13 years of age or older to submit material to us. Your submission of material constitutes your permission for, and consent to, its dissemination and use in connection with the UWGB Packers in all media in perpetuity.

If you indicate on the form that your submission is “public,” your material will be published on the UWGB Packers website (with or without your name, depending on what you have indicated). Otherwise, your response will only be available to approved researchers using the UWGB Packers.

The material you submit must have been created by you, wholly original, and shall not be copied from or based, in whole or in part, upon any other photographic, literary, or other material, except to the extent that such material is in the public domain. Further, submitted material must not violate any confidentiality, privacy, security or other laws. We reserve the right to mark any submission private that UWGB Packers staff identify as offensive.