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UWGB Visitors from Chile tour Lambeau Field

Chilean Visitors at Lambeau - 2014 ...more

Player from the past

Hanging with a player from the past at UWGB day. ...more

The Bears Still Suck

My wife and I were at the Packers vs Bears game in Chicago last year. We were in the endzone to see Cobb catch a 48 yard pass from Rogers in the last minute for the win! ...more

UWGB Triplets cheer for the Packers

Menomonee Falls triplets Hannah, Gabrielle and Leah Buege perform during a Green Bay Packers home game. The triplets made the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Packers cheerleading squad for… ...more

A Young Curly Lambeau

A photograph of a young Curly Lambeau--our stadium's namesake--in his 4th grade class room at Whitney School, Green Bay. ...more

UWGB Students Carving Out Fun

U.S. National Cheese Championship was hosted by Lambeau Field ...more



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UWGB Archive Item of the Month

1957 Stadium Dedication Program

For this month's blast from the past we bring you the dedication program for Lambeau Field from September 29, 1957. Take some time to flip through these pages and see everything from glimpses of Packers greats in their glory days, to advertisements for local businesses of the era.

Item courtesy of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Archives.

Recent Contributions

James Lofton and Andy Reinhart, 2014

This picture accompanies the contribution called "James Lofton and Andy Reinhart, 1981." ...more

Tribute to Nick Perry

This is a hand cut copper piece made as a tribute to Nick Perry ...more

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